Vision, Methods and work plan

The Special Rapporteur defines priority areas, scope of work and vision to fulfill her mandate. The overarching message is clear: persons with disabilities are holders of human rights on an equal basis with others, and we must work together to promote their inclusion from a human rights-based approach.

(Submitted to the UN Human Rights Council - 28th Session).
In this report, the Special Rapporteur recounts the adoption of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and other key events that led to the establishment of her mandate, which is framed as part of a long advocacy process of the movement of persons with disabilities for the universal recognition of their rights. 

She also enumerates a series of overarching considerations that include participation, inclusiveness, gender sensitivity and accessibility as guiding principles to her work, and she elaborates on the concept of embracing diversity as central to her mandate and vision.

The report establishes the 3 thematic areas guiding the special rapporteur’s work plan, as Promoting citizenship, fighting poverty, and changing social perceptions about persons with disability, and elaborates on some key priorities under each of those areas. Learn more about the priority areas…

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The mandate, in her own words

In an interview with La Nacion of Costa Rica, Catalina explains the mandate she received from the Human Rights Council, her priorities as a Special Rapporteur, and reflects on her trajectory as a human rights advocate. 
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