Inclusive Social Protection

This report explains how Social Protection systems contribute to social and economic development, stressing their importance as a key strategy to advance the Sustainable Development Goals, reduce poverty and inequality, and enhance human potential.

(Submitted to the UN General Assembly - 70th Session).
Social protection is fundamental to promote the inclusion and active participation of persons with disabilities in the community. To achieve disability-inclusive social protection, States must move away from traditional welfare approaches, and embrace instead the innovative rights-based model put forward by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The report explains the disproportionate impact of poverty among persons with disabilities, and makes the case for the need to transform Social Protection systems to become disability-inclusive. It further elaborates on the need to pay special attention to the participation of women and girls, as well as other constituencies affected by multiple forms of discrimination.

The report provides guidelines on the key elements for Social Protection systems to be inclusive, from the legal frameworks and participatory system designs, to the eligibility and targeting of beneficiaries, and the quality and relevance of benefits. Specific considerations are elaborated on the key principles of non-discrimination, accessibility and the participation of all relevant stakeholders in every stage of the process, from design to implementation.

In its closing section, the report provides a summary of conclusions and recommendations for states, the United Nations system, and for international cooperation agencies to support en establish inclusive Social Protection systems.

Disability and poverty: breaking the cycle through inclusive social protection

In her 2015 Annual report to the UN General Assembly, the Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities made the case for Inclusive Social Protection systems as one of the keys to advance the eradication of poverty, as stated in the Sustainable Development Agenda. This video summarizes some of the key aspects of that report, and some of the recommendations included in it.
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