The situation of persons with disabilities in Canada and Norway


The Special Rapporteur has accepted invitations by the governments of Canada and Norway to assess the situation of persons with disabilities, and the progress made by these countries in the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of persons with disabilities.

Ms. Devandas will visit Canada from April 2 to 11, and Norway from October 2 to 11 of the current year. We invite persons with disabilities and their organizations, as well as relevant national and international agencies to provide information that could increase the Special Rapporteur's understanding of the situation of persons with disabilities in the two countries, and contribute to planning the agenda of each visit.

To communicate with us, please send us a private message to:, referencing the purpose of the message in the subject line. Thank you in advance.

2019-03-29 | Promoting Citizenship

Persons with disabilities locked away

In dialogue with Human Rights Watch, the Special Rapporteur analyses the deprivation of liberty of persons with disabilities around the world, and how the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities provides a roadmap for ensuring their fundamental rights.

2019-02-11 | Socioeconomic inclusion

Questionnaire: The rights of older persons with disabilities

The study aims to identify and address specific human rights concerns faced by both people with disabilities who are ageing and older persons who acquire a disability.

2019-02-08 | Re-thinking disability

Malawi: UN experts urge action over albinism ‘atrocities’ in run-up to elections

GENEVA (8 February 2019) – The Government of Malawi must take immediate action to protect people with albinism after the killing of one person and the separate abduction of a one-year-old baby, say UN experts.

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