Call for proposals - Animation series on the rights of persons with disabilities


Series of animations to explain fundamental rights of persons with disabilities.

The International Disability Alliance invites professionals in the fields of audio-visual communications to present proposals for a series of video animations to illustrate 4 key aspects of the rights of persons with disabilities. The identification of the main issues, description of challenges as well as the recommendations are based on thematic reports elaborated by the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities, Ms. Catalina Devandas.

Read the description of the themes and key messages required.

Objectives of the videos

Overall objective:
To promote understanding among the general public of problems faced by persons with disabilities, which affect millions of people around the world but are nevertheless little known or understood.  
The series of four audio-visual pieces intends to insert the key elements that define the rights of persons with disabilities into the public discourse, and explain the major areas in which those are commonly violated. Materials will touch on:
  • The right to legal capacity and equality before the law.
  • The right to participate in the life of the community.
  • The right to benefit from disability-inclusive social protection.
  • The Sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls with disabilities.

Target groups

General public from all regions. Materials will be developed in English.
Distribution of video materials will be done through social media and will be made freely available in all major platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etcetera.

Materials to be produced

The final product consists of four video aminations of no more than 2 minutes each, focused on the four thematic areas described above. Tenderers are asked to present in their proposal one draft storyboard/ draft script of one of the four videos requested, suggesting graphic style proposed for the animations in the form of a sample. The messages and information about the four themes included in Annex I of this document, should be the basis to produce the video animations. A contact person will be available for consultations during the drafting process.
Accessibility for persons with disabilities of all materials produced will need to be ensured. This requires captioning, voice narration and color contrast.

Elements to be considered

Persons with disabilities are a very diverse group and this diversity should be reflected as much as possible in the video-animations. Many persons have invisible disabilities.
Gender equality should also be fully taken into account.
Although narrations are to be created in English, closed captioning in English, French and Spanish should be contemplated in the final products. 

Budget proposal

The total cost of project should not exceed USD 50’000

Submitting your proposal

Communication companies interested in applying to this call, are kindly asked to email the following information to hbonomo@sr-disability.orgby 15 April, 2020:
  • Draft storyboard or annotated script including main messages and general ideas in regards to the narration, as well as visual/ graphic style proposed for the animation;
  • Estimated budget (in USD) (see comment above);
  • Proposed timeline taking into account that the launch should be on September of 2020;
  • Brief description of relevant experience and links to work produced related to this assignment.


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