Country: Republic of Moldova
City / Location: 
Period / Date: 
Subject: Alleged forced eviction and continued residency in an institutional setting for 14 persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities in the city of Balti who have, until now, benefited from a supported housing programme administered by the city. According to the information received, the Municipal Council of the city of Balti, to date among the most advanced Moldovan localities in providing community support services to persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities, has through Decision No. 1/94 decided to discontinue its protected housing programme. This would leave eight persons with disabilities, who currently live in supported apartments, without a place to live with the risk of institutionalization. The deinstitutionalization of a further six persons with disabilities who were waiting to be deinstitutionalized and move from residential institutions to apartments supported by the housing programme would be discontinued.