Country: Malawi
City / Location: 
Period / Date: 
Subject: Allegations of violations of the right to life of persons with albinism. According to the information received, between June 2013 and January 2015, at least seven persons with albinism, including five young children, and two adults, Mr. Yohane Kamwendo (20 years old) and Ms. Malita Makolija (years 68 old), were kidnapped and killed in Malawi. The authorities reportedly failed to investigate the cases properly. Persons with albinism in the regions of Blantyre, Zomba, Dedza, Muloza, Machinga and, Matindira are living in fear of further attacks. Concern is expressed about the kidnappings and killings of Mr. Kamwendo and Ms. Makolija as well as the lack of investigation concerning their cases. Concern is also expressed about the security and the right to life of other persons with albinism living in the areas affected by these crimes.
Number of identified alleged victims: 7.
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