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Subject: Alleged ill-treatment and lack of adequate medical care of a prisoner with mental disabilities at Yalata Labour Prison. According to the information received, Mr. X, a 29-year-old United States citizen, has been subjected to ill-treatment and has not received adequate mental health care in detention. In 2008, when living in Adelaide, he was found not guilty for the crime of attempted homicide for reason of mental impairment, and was ordered by the court to be transferred to the State’s highest-security mental health hospital, James Nash House, for a 13 year period. After nine months, in September 2009, officials at James Nash House transferred Mr. X to the Yatala Labour Prison, reportedly due to a lack of capacity for dealing with patients with “personality disorders”. At Yatala Labour Prison, Mr. X reportedly remained in solitary confinement for five years and a half, until January 2015. He is confined to his cell for 23 hours a day with only one one-hour break where he is placed in a cagelike structure outdoors rather than the open yard. It is also reported that Mr. X has repeatedly been subjected to additional punitive measures, including handcuffing regimes (for nearly one year), and loud music blasting into his cell for four hours.
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